Great Sacandaga Lake Access Permit System

Permit StaffThe Regulating District maintains a New York State owned buffer zone around the Great Sacandaga Lake between the high flow line of the Reservoir (elevation 771’) and the original New York State property line.

The Regulating District, through its Permit System, provides Access Permits for use of this State land to nearby landowners. These Access Permits are temporary, provisional, and revocable. The Regulating District, on an annual basis, issues approximately 4,586 Non-Commercial permits to residents either adjoining or within one (1) mile of such land, 54 Commercial permits to businesses located around the Great Sacandaga Lake (such as marinas, restaurants, etc.) and 90 Special permits to non-profit clubs and associations, churches, schools, local governments and other groups.


Regulations Governing Use of State Owned Property at Great Sacandaga Lake

The Regulating District’s rules and regulations governing use of this land are more particularly set forth in Title 6, Part 606 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York (NYCRR)

Due Process Procedures for Access Permit Holders at Great Sacandaga Lake
Allowable Floatable Dock Configurations on Permit Areas Greater than 20 Feet in Width
Allowable Floatable Dock Configurations on Permit Areas Less than 20 Feet in Width
Allowable Stairway and Stair Landing Configuration
Shoreline Cutting Restriction Information

Great Sacandaga Lake Historic Properties Management Plan

The development of the Great Sacandaga Lake Historic Properties Management Plan (HPMP) is a requirement of the Hudson River – Black River Regulating District’s (Regulating District’s) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the Great Sacandaga Lake Project, Project No. 12252, Saratoga, Fulton and Hamilton Counties, New York. The HPMP outlines the historic significance and the responsibilities for the Regulating District and everyone involved with the State land known as the Great Sacandaga Lake. The October 8, 2009 Historic Properties Management Plan letter is currently available on our website:

Great Sacandaga Lake Historic Property Management Plan Education Letter
Historic Properties Management Plan

Great Sacandaga Lake Permit System Application Forms

Online Access Permit System
GSL Access Permit System Rates
Access Permit Application
Application for Work Permit ($15.00 fee required upon submission)
Access Permit Change Form