Mayfield, NY – The Hudson River – Black River Regulating District continues to monitor the condition of the Conklingville Dam on an hourly basis as part of its response to the unusual change in the water pressure measured Saturday afternoon at one of the monitoring points within the dam.

The unusual pressure measurement prompted the Regulating District to activate the Conklingville Dam Emergency Action Plan (EAP) at approximately 8 p.m. yesterday as a precautionary measure.

Water pressure at the monitoring point appears to have stabilized and no additional changes in the condition of the Conklingville Dam have been observed.

Failure of the dam has not occurred and there appears to be no imminent threat of failure.

An update on the condition of the dam and the status of the emergency condition is planned and will be provided to local and state emergency management officials early Sunday afternoon.

Water continues to be discharged through outlet valves and the E. J. West hydroelectric facility at Conklingville Dam in response to the emergency condition.

Regulating District engineers will consult federal dam safety officials and the project geotechnical engineer on Monday, and develop a plan to investigate the unusual condition.