General Regulations

606.2 Application. The following rules and regulations are of general application and shall govern all who make use of the reservoir area.

606.3 Defacement. No official sign, or structure maintained under permit, shall be defaced.

606.4 Use for private revenue or commercial purposes. The use of the reservoir or the improvements thereon for private revenue or commercial purposes is prohibited, unless as specifically designated and permitted by the board.

606.5 Nonliability for injury or damage. Any person making use of the lands for any purpose within the area of the reservoir, or boating upon or fishing or swimming in or otherwise using the waters in the reservoir, shall do so at his own risk, and neither the State, the district nor the board shall be liable in any respect for any loss, damage or injury to person or property caused or occasioned thereby.

606.6 Camping. Camping shall not be permitted in or upon reservoir lands under the district’s jurisdiction.