Penalties and Construction

606.105 Penalties and construction. (a) All persons will be held responsible for compliance with the foregoing rules and regulations. Any person causing or responsible for any trespass upon, or injury or damage to, lands acquired in the name of the people of the State of New York for the uses and purposes of the reservoir, will be held liable in respect thereto for penalties, damages and administrative fees as established by the board.
(b) Any person violating any of the foregoing rules and regulations shall, in addition to the other prescribed liabilities and penalties, be deemed to have interfered with the operation of, or caused injury to, a regulating reservoir, and be subject to the provisions of subdivision 3, section 15-2133, article 15 of the Environmental Conservation Law.
(c) No permit granted and issued by the board shall be deemed to authorize the permittee to trespass upon any private lands or to do any injury thereto, or exclusively occupy and land owned by the State, including lands under water, or exclusively use any public waters of the State.
(d) Nothing contained in any of these rules and regulations shall be construed as compelling the granting and issuance of a permit to any person, nor to prevent the revoking, as herein provided, of any permit.