606.95 Cause for revocation. (a) The following shall constitute sufficient cause for the board to cancel and revoke any permit:
(1) any violation of, or failure to comply with, any of the rules and regulations of the board, including SEQR procedures adopted by the board pursuant to article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law;
(2) any violation of, or failure to comply with, any rule, regulation or law, either local, State or Federal, applicable thereto; or
(3) any other cause or reason deemed by the board to be sufficient.
(b) The board shall by resolution determine the matter of the cancellation and re vocation of any permit, with or without notice or hearing, excepting as in section 606.9 of this Part otherwise provided, and thereupon such permit shall be declared cancelled and revoked.

606.96 Notice and hearing. (a) In cases where any access right or use is reserved in a deed, the board, before any determination is made by it canceling or revoking a permit granted and issued in reference to such access right or use, shall serve on the permittee a 10-day notice of a hearing to be had by the board, accompanied with a statement of the cause or causes upon which the proceeding for the cancellation and revocation of the permit is based.
(b) The permittee may appear in person or by attorney and make and file answer to such statement. On such hearing oral or documentary testimony or both may be taken and considered by the board. At the conclusion of such hearing, the board shall make a determination which shall be deemed final, and serve a copy thereof on the permittee. If such determination is against the permittee, the permit involved shall be declared cancelled and revoked.