Sanitary Rules

606.15 Discharge of sewage. There shall be no discharge of sewage or wastes into the reservoir without a written permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

606.16 Human excreta. No privy or other place for the deposit or storage of hu­man excreta shall be constructed, located or maintained on any of the lands embraced within the area of the reservoir. No human excreta shall be placed, left or stored on said reservoir area. No installation of any sewage disposal plant shall be made without the approval of the board and the State Department of Health, and shall not be put into use until the finished work has been accepted and the use permitted by the board and the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

606.17 Discharge of waste material. No house slops, sink, laundry, garage or stable wastes, ashes, brush cuttings, tree cutting debris of any character or waste ma­terial of any character, nor any polluted liquid or matter, nor any garbage, shall be thrown or discharged into the reservoir or any of the streams tributary thereto within the reservoir area, nor shall any such be placed or left upon said reservoir area.